How does it work…

Our company has long been striving to create a unified platform for passenger cars and light truck transports. Large car rental companies have a constant demand for the return of vehicles that their clients have leased in the Czech Republic and returned abroad, leasing companies need to pick up vehicles from clients and hand them over to dealers for sale, other companies need to relocate referent vehicles between locations, move pool cars or boost their own driver teams short term. In addition to corporate clients, there is a great demand for private individuals who take their vehicles for long hauls themselves simply because they didn’t have anyone to entrust with the transfer.

Our drivers transport vehicles across Europe. In twelve years of operation, we have relocated more than 7,200 vehicles from more than 600 destinations in 22 different European countries. Whenever possible, we try to combine multiple transfers together to reduce the travel costs of drivers and offer our customers often better prices than would be their own internal costs. We focus on bus, train and air links and send our drivers with the most economical option, which corresponds with the client’s timeframe too.

Motorism has always been and probably will be a risky business for quite time. That’s why we choose drivers very carefully, we constantly train and improve our team. We strive to maximize accident prevention, but do not stop here – the company is responsible for the entrusted vehicles up to fixed, signed up amount, which will certainly be appreciated by all fleetmanagers who ever tried to charge their own employees.

Every transfer is carefully documented. The client has an overview of exactly when, in what condition and with what accessories the vehicle was taken- and handed-over.

In addition, we offer our customers a flat-rate fuel billing providing the vehicle meets our age & status requirements. This eliminates the financial risks associated with excessive consumption (uneconomic driving, congestion, weather conditions) for our clients.